Why this blog ?

Since ten years, the pursuit of performance is a main goal in my life. First as a competitiv rower, then as a young sport sciences student and finally as a professional strength and conditioning coach. Between my college education and all the rowing courses I raced on worldwide, I found a lot of interest in every kind of exchange I had with other people about training. I have always been very curious about rowing training and strength and conditioning, that’s why I did a two years internship in a volley-ball training center and I left europe for a year abroad, rowing in New Zealand and Australia and winning two national tittles. During those ten years, the most important thing I learnt is that there are a multitude of ways and tools to increase sport performances.

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Waikato rowing club eights wining 2019 NICC on lake Karapiro — Photo credit : @artofrowing.nz

It is in order to share about rowing training and conditioning that I wanted to write this blog. My strong belief is that I can find a lot of interesting stuffs about the physical aspect of rowing training and I want to share this knowledge with you. My point is not to tell you what to do, I will not say this program is better than this one. My goal is to bring something more, to share new ideas, different content, to get back up to date unknown or forgotten things about rowing training.

Somewhere along the way, my openness just hit me in the face : “Hey J, why don’t you open this reflection up to others sports, other specialities”. That’s a hell of a good idea thanks openness ! And I perfectly know who to call for the job : Clément, Paul, Pierre, Jérémie. I know those boys are just like me, passionate, curious, painstaking, and found of new ideas. There is no doubt they will write and share an extremely high quality content about Basket – Ball, Track and field and Rugby.

The five boys we are talking about all have an experience as sport scientist, they each led at least one protocol of science applied research. So as you can imagine we start to have a good experience in searching, snooping, digging into the literature to find pertinent information. Troughout the blog you will only find existing things, old things sometimes but surely still up to date, and which has been found and proven by actual training professional and researchers.
It is possible that sometimes, on exceptional basis, we share our feelings, our knowledge and our field expériences and observations. This will not ba actual scientific content it will only be by pure love of sharing.

Let’s summarize : we are in charge of the information hunting, we will share with you the most pertinent knowledge we find about the pursuit of performances, always quoting our sources and sharing our inspirations.
Who’s in ?

Wishing you a nice reading,

Jean for Lynx Performances’ writing team