Our team accompanies you in all your projects, regardless of your level of fitness, your age, your sporting past and your goals you can call on us! Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer:

Strength and Conditioning: Athlete of all levels, you want to improve your fitness for a season or a specific goal? We guarantee individualized programming and regular follow-up. We are specialized in several disciplines, one person will meet your needs.

Personal Coaching: For anyone who wants to get into or get back into sport, regardless of level, age, goals we will have theoretical and practical solutions to accompany you and reach your goal quickly.

Programming and training following : In the disciplines or periods for which it is possible, we offer you a complete program and careful monitoring. Our bioenergy experts create precise and individualized programs to optimize your progress.

Injury prevention: You play independently and don’t want to get hurt or re-injure yourself. We have very good prevention protocols.

Rehabilitation: Have you injured yourself and need to strengthen the affected area and/or maintain your level of fitness when you cannot practice your sport ? Our expertise allows us to determine a tailor-made program and to accompany you in this dual mission.

All these services are tailor-made, depending on your level, your needs, your goals and your practice. Please write to us to introduce yourself and explain what you expect from us. Afterwards, you will be directed to the coach whom respond to your needs the most. We are naturally open to all other sporting demands and will endeavour to attach them the utmost interest.

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