Middle and long distance runner Coach at Grenoble Athletics
• Independent E-Coach and Training planner

A former national hurdler, Jérémie had not initially chosen to make training his profession. After studying economics and business, he worked in the corporate world for three years. He did not feel at the right place so he converted to his passion: Track and Field.

Certification :
French Federation Coach certification
A entire decade of coaching experience

Jeremie have trained, and he still train many athletes at the national level over 400m or 800m or 1500m
• Chéryl Hermine’s Coach (Silver medalist at French Nationals)
• Juliette Desailly former Coach (bronze medallist at the French Nationals)
• Specialist of the long distance (5km, 10km or half-marathon) he prepares the best runner around Grenoble, France, such as : Duncan Perrillat, Gabriel Briand, Maxime Robaire


You will have understood Jérémie has a different background from other staff members. This is what makes Lynx Performances rich and authentic. He is also the most experienced member of the team, he is a real encyclopedia of athletics and running.

That passion burning in him, he expresses it every single day on the track by a close and individualized follow-up for a top athletes group of twenty runners.

There is no need to say that if you have a running goal, he is, without a doubt, the man you need to establish your training program and follow up.

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